Union Street Media 隐私政策

Last updated on November 14, 2020

Previously updated on May 23, 2018


Union Street Media is committed to protecting your privacy. This 隐私政策 ("Privacy Policy”) explains how we collect, use, share, and protect your information. 重要的是 you read this 隐私政策 fully.

本隐私政策管理收集和使用您的个人身份信息 Union Street Media on the www.unionstreetmedia.com website and any other website hosted by Union Street Media and any application, product or service made available by Union Street 媒体代表自身或其客户,包括其比较正规的赌博软件客户(统称为 “服务”). If you do not agree with any provision of this 隐私政策, you should immediately discontinue use of the Services.

为 purposes of this 隐私政策, "personally 身份信息" is information provided 联合街媒体,以个人身份识别你,如你的名字,电子邮件地址,账单 information, or other data that can be reasonably linked to such information. 当你提交 personally 身份信息 and other information through the Services, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of such information as set forth in this 隐私政策.

As explained more fully throughout this 隐私政策, we collect, use, and share personally 在若干法律基础下的可识别信息,包括(i)在您 provide consent, (ii) under circumstances where it is necessary for the entering into or (三)需要履行合同的 of our legitimate business interests and those of our clients. Also, we will not collect, use, or 未经事先同意,为本政策未列明的任何目的共享个人身份信息 providing notice and an opportunity for consent.

When you use the Services you may also be subject to the privacy policies of our customers or third-party service providers with respect to their use and collection of your personally 身份信息.


We collect information you provide to us that includes:

  • 您的姓名和电子邮件地址
  • Your phone number and mailing address, if you provide it
  • Your location, if you consent to provide it in order to perform a search
  • Information about the web browser, operating system, and device you're using to visit our website, including your IP address
  • Usage data from the pages you view and actions you take on our website

此外,如果您与正规赌博手机软件的比较正规的赌博软件代理或办公室工作,该代理或办公室可能 enter additional information about you for the purposes of providing you with better service. We collect (i) contact information provided by you when you register for one or more of our Services, such as your first name, last name、电子邮件 address, secondary email address, full physical or mailing address, home phone number, cell phone number, desired services (i.e. 想买,卖,租,找职业机会,和/或想购买联盟 Street Media products or services), agent you are working with, if applicable, and company; (ii) information we obtain from your use of our Services, such as server log information (e.g.,你的 queries, phone number, and internet protocol address at the time of user creation), device- 具体信息(e.g., web browser you are using,你的 hardware model, operating system version, unique device identifiers, and mobile network information including phone number), physical location information collected from GPS location data and mobile wireless access points, and login information; (iii) information we collect during your website sessions, such as pages visited, actions performed on page such as clicks or video views, saved listings, and saved searches; (iv) information provided by you when you participate in any promotions or contests offered by us or one of our affiliates; (v) information provided by you when offering feedback or completing profile forms; and (vi) any information provided to us by our real estate 客户,如附加的联系信息,比较正规的赌博软件活动,如查看物业, 和事务历史.

Please note that Union Street Media's real estate clients have the ability to use custom forms 与自由的形式文本字段,以请求他们想从那些提交的任何信息 form. Union Street Media allows its real estate clients to request any information they want 通过他们网站上的表格,因为这些信息是由用户自愿提供的真实 比较正规的赌博软件客户的网站. Union Street Media has no control over the type of information requested via forms and encourages users who do not want to submit their information to discontinue use of the Services immediately.

正规赌博手机软件只收集您自愿提供给正规赌博手机软件的个人身份信息或正规赌博手机软件的 客户提供给正规赌博手机软件的. You may refuse to provide consent at any time. 然而,这可能 prevent you from accessing and using the Services or certain aspects of them. 在所有情况下, we retain personally 身份信息 for only as long as is necessary to meet the purposes of the collection (see "How We Use 正规赌博手机软件收集信息” below).


We use cookies and tracking pixels to allow us to know when you are logged into our site, what your preferences are for how the site functions, to anonymously measure usage of our site and its features, and to provide more effective marketing related to the services we provide.

"饼干” are small pieces of information sent by a web server to a web browser that enable the server to collect information from the browser. Union Street Media uses cookies for a number of 这样的目的使正规赌博手机软件可以简化注册用户的登录过程,帮助确保用户的登录 注册用户的安全性和真实性,目标广告,提供存储机制 favorites, and enable traffic monitoring.

We use both session cookies and persistent cookies. We use session cookies to make it easier for you to navigate our site. A session cookie expires when you close your browser. 持续的 cookies enable us to (i) know when you are logged in and to provide content to you based on 您的首选项,例如与保存的正规赌博手机软件匹配的列表或与以前保存的类似的列表 listings; (ii) track user activity such as pages viewed (see below for more types of data tracked) and match user activity to session data from Google Analytics to better understand your preferences; and (iii) share information with Brytecore and other third-party vendors on your 优先选择的唯一目的是履行服务并向您提供最相关的服务 用户体验. A persistent cookie remains on your hard drive for an extended period of time.

You can remove persistent cookies by following directions provided in your Internet browser's “帮助”文件. Most browsers allow you to turn off the cookie function. 如果你想知道如何 do this please consult the help menu on your browser. Removing persistent cookies will restrict the Union Street Media Services you can use, such as receiving targeted recommendations and 警报.

正规赌博手机软件还使用谷歌Analytics等网站上的跟踪像素和第三方cookie third-party vendors like 脸谱网. Tracking pixels are code snippets added to a website in order to gather information about a user's browsing behavior. Data points collected include (i) information about the web browser, operating system, screen resolution, and device used to visit the website, including your IP address; (ii) usage data from the pages you view and actions you take on the website, including forms you submit and information you request; (iii) the date and time you visit the website; and (iv) actions taken to get to the website, such as ads you click on. This enables us to gauge the effectiveness of our services, marketing programs, and ad 针对.

Some states require us to let you know how we respond to web browser Do Not Track (DNT) 信号. DNT technology is a feature provided to consumers by browsers and mobile devices. 它允许消费者允许或阻止网站收集有关他们浏览器的信息 活动. Because there is not currently an industry or legal standard for recognizing or honoring DNT 信号, we do not respond to them at this time. We await the result of work by the privacy community and industry to determine when such a response is appropriate and what 应该采取的形式. In the meantime, you can learn more about how some of our third-party partners are handling DNT, as 好吧 as access their full Privacy Policies, via the links below.

  • 谷歌(包括YouTube)
  • 脸谱网
  • 微软Bing(包括)
  • LinkedIn

此外,您可以点击这里选择不通过正规赌博手机软件的第三方合作伙伴进行定向广告: http://www.aboutads.信息/选择. Please note that opting out of targeted advertising will also restrict the Union Street Media Services you can use, such as receiving targeted recommendations and website content.

How We Use 正规赌博手机软件收集信息

We use the information we collect to:

  • Effectively provide, improve, and promote our Services
  • Debug and prevent the recurrence of user specific issues on behalf of our clients
  • Communicate with you, including to answer questions and respond to concerns
  • Understand your needs and preferences
  • Personalize our content to better meet your needs, including advertising, website 内容和电子邮件
  • Establish and maintain commercial relationships
  • Fulfill purchases of our Services
  • Manage and develop our Services
  • Analyze cohorts, or groups that share common characteristics, to develop user 段和概要文件
  • Provide aggregate insights related to marketing performance, market trends, and real 比较正规的赌博软件分析

We use your information to provide, maintain, improve, and promote our Services, as 好吧 as to 开发新的服务. We also use your information to personalize our Services for you such as delivering more relevant search results, and targeted ads, website and email content. We also use your contact details to communicate with you on occasion, and we may use your information to send you offers and news from your preferred agent or brokerage. This information may be used to provide you with information you've requested about our company, our products and our Services, or to provide you with special notices. 你可能会选择 (请参阅本隐私政策中称为 "How to Opt Out of Receiving 电子邮件 From Us”). This data may also be used to tailor your experience on our sites by providing content that is relevant to your interests and geographic 地区.

We may combine information from one Service with information, including personally identifiable information, from other Union Street Media Services. 为 example, when you view one of our clients' websites on a mobile device, you agree to provide Union Street Media with information for pinpointing technology such as GPS and cell tower information. 联合街媒体可能 use and store this information, in combination with other location-based information such as 您的IP地址,由您的承运人提供的收费邮政编码,或注册地点,以提供 增强的基于位置的服务,并提供定位广告、正规赌博手机软件结果或 其他内容.


We 分享你的数据 with our real estate clients in order to allow them to provide you with effective real-estate-related services, knowledge, and guidance. We also 分享你的数据 with third-party providers who support our platform, such as email services. 正规赌博手机软件不分享 personally 身份信息 with anyone else, including advertisers. 正规赌博手机软件也可以分享 anonymized data that does not personally identify you.

As a provider of digital solutions to the real estate industry, we share your personally identifiable information with our real estate clients on whose behalf we host or provide digital services. 为 正规赌博手机软件可能代表客户收集的数据类型列表,请参阅本节 隐私政策 entitled "正规赌博手机软件收集信息,” above. In addition, we may share your personally 身份信息 with third-party vendors that support our Services (e.g.、电子邮件 services or customer support tool providers) or our real estate clients' services. 正规赌博手机软件可以分享 本政策中“正规赌博手机软件收集的信息”一节中指定的任何或所有数据点,以及 exception of login and IP information, which will not be shared. 正规赌博手机软件永远不会提供你的 personally 身份信息 to anyone else, except to any successor to our business (e.g., following a merger or sale) or as specified below in "法律披露.” 正规赌博手机软件也可以分享 aggregated, non-personally 身份信息 publicly and with third parties such as our real estate clients and advertisers.

Union Street Media displays targeted advertisements based on non-personally identifiable 个人活动. Union Street Media does not provide any personally 身份信息 to the advertiser when you interact with or view a targeted ad.

最后,联合街媒体在任何情况下都不会出售个人身份信息 for monetary or other valuable consideration.


正规赌博手机软件保留根据法律和法律规定披露您的个人身份信息的权利 when we believe it is necessary to share information in order to investigate, prevent, or take 对非法活动、涉嫌欺诈或安全事件采取行动 potential threats to the physical safety of any person, or as otherwise required by law.


正规赌博手机软件的网站可能包含到其他网站的链接,这些网站不在正规赌博手机软件的控制范围内,也不在正规赌博手机软件的覆盖范围内 根据本隐私政策. If you access other sites using links provided within the Services, the 这些网站的经营者可能会向您收集信息,而这些信息将供他们自己使用

respective purposes and in accordance with their own respective privacy policies, which may 不同于正规赌博手机软件的. We have no control over how other websites you elect to visit collect, use, or 分享你的数据.

Notice Regarding Childrens Privacy (Users Under the Age of 13)

In response to concerns about protecting children's privacy online, Congress enacted the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 (COPPA”), which sets forth rules and procedures governing the ways in which websites may collect, use and disclose any personally 身份信息 of children under the age of 13. In accordance with COPPA regulations, we do not (i) request or knowingly collect, 或打算收集, personally 身份信息 from users under 13 years of age; (ii) knowingly use or intend to use any such information; or (iii) knowingly share or intend to share any such information with third parties.

本公司有可能以欺诈或欺骗的方式,收到向本公司提供的以下信息 pertains to children under 13. In the event we discover or are notified that this has occurred, and upon our verification of the same, we will immediately delete the information from our servers and instruct any third parties with whom we have shared the information to do so as 好吧.

Questions regarding children's privacy should be directed to us using the contact information 以下.


Any information you provide to us (such as your name、电子邮件 address, phone number, and company) by submitting a form, creating an account, registering for an event, signing up to receive our newsletter, requesting information, or through use of our Services, is securely 维护. We follow generally accepted industry standards and employ reasonable 技术、组织/行政和物理保障来保护完整性和 security of the personally 身份信息 submitted to or received by us, both during transmission (whether to or from us) and after receipt. Examples of safeguards include using: (i) Amazon Web Services to provide reliable, scalable, and secure cloud computing services; (ii) multi-factor authentication and password management; (iii) physical server infrastructure behind a keypad locked door; and (iv) internal procedures for and training on handling personally 身份信息 in accordance with generally accepted industry standards. 没有方法, transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, however. Therefore, while we follow generally accepted industry standards to protect your personally 身份信息, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

Accessing, Correcting, and Deleting Your Personally Identifiable Information

如果您想知道正规赌博手机软件收集了哪些有关您的个人身份信息, or if you would like to correct/update your information if inaccurate or request to have your

information deleted (under appropriate circumstances), please contact us as 以下 在“正规赌博手机软件.

此外,如果你是欧盟居民,你有额外的权利 under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

  • Object to or restrict the processing of your data under certain circumstances.
  • Withdraw consent for the processing of your data.
  • 在某些情况下,不受仅基于自动化处理的决策的影响.
  • Request a portable copy of your data.
  • File a complaint with a data protection authority.

如欲行使上述权利,请以下列方式与正规赌博手机软件联系 以下 在“正规赌博手机软件."

How to Opt Out of Receiving 电子邮件 From Us

如果您不再希望收到正规赌博手机软件的电子邮件,只需点击包括在取消订阅的链接 any email from us, or visit /user/subscription-preferences/. 或者你也可以发送 an unsubscribe request to privacy@unionstreetmedia.com.


We may update our 隐私政策 from time to time. When we make these updates, we will change the "last updated" date listed at the top of this Policy. If we make material changes to 在本政策中,正规赌博手机软件将在正规赌博手机软件的网站主页和政策本身中提供显著的通知, and in some instances we may provide email notification of the changes.


为 any questions or concerns you may have regarding this 隐私政策 or our privacy and data security practices in general, please contact us at privacy@unionstreetmedia.com, 802 - 865-3332, or via mail at 444 South Union Street, Burlington, VT 05401.